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BCNA Ambassadors and Events Champions

This is the iconic Field of Women

This year, more than 10,000 individuals, families and groups of friends from BCNA’s network across Australia will gather in Melbourne to stand together in the centre of the Melbourne Cricket Ground and form the Pink Lady silhouette.  This unique event aims to raise awareness of the impact of breast cancer while paying tribute to all those diagnosed.

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Breast Cancer Network Australia has a variety of ambassadors that have been affected by breast cancer and choose to help support BCNA events and campaigns each year.  In addition to these ambassadors we invite a cross-section of the community to get involved as ‘Field of Women event champions’ to help spread the word about the unique opportunity to stand together in support of all Australians affected by breast cancer.  These event champions proudly promote this event to their networks with the invitation to ‘Stand with Me at the ‘G’ either in person or virtually.

Raelene Boyle AM, MBE

Raelene Boyle is an Australian sporting icon. Her athletic achievements are endless. She's also a survivor of breast and ovarian cancer and a founding board member for Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA). Stepping down from the board in 2022, her commitment to BCNA and helping Australians affected by breast cancer has been unwavering for more than 25 years. In fact, Raels, as we affectionately call her at BCNA has often said that her work in advocacy means more to her than all her sporting medals and accolades.

Jane Bunn, 7 News Meteorologist

Jane Bunn has an infectious enthusiasm for the weather. She is 7 News Melbourne’s resident meteorologist, presenting for both 6pm and 4pm news bulletins as well as covering big weather events for 7 News nationally. She is also the founder and CEO of Jane’s Weather (janesweather.com), helping Australian farmers make decisions to take advantage of the weather. Jane joined BCNA as an Ambassador in 2017.

Stuart Diver

Stuart Diver was the sole survivor of the 1997 Thredbo landslide which killed 18 people, including his first wife Sally. He found love again with his second wife Rosanna, however she was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after they returned from their honeymoon and Stuart cared for her until she died from metastatic breast cancer in 2015.

Hugh Greenwood, AFL Player

Hugh Greenwood is a professional Australian rules footballer who plays for North Melbourne Football Club. Hugh has been associated with BCNA since 2018, following the death of his mother 'Onny' in 2017 who passed away from metastatic breast cancer. Hugh is a regular ambassador for our Pink Sports Day program and participates in many BCNA events.

Jarrod & Thomas Berry, AFL Players

Jarrod and Thomas Berry are professional Australian rules footballers playing for the Brisbane Lions and the Gold Coast Suns respectively. The Berry brothers and their family were hit hard when they lost their mother, Jedda, to breast cancer in 2013. They joined BCNA as Ambassadors as it is a charity that is close to their hearts and allows them to raise awareness for breast cancer while honouring their mum’s legacy.

Oskar Baker, AFL Player

Oskar Baker is a professional Australian rules footballer playing for the Western Bulldogs. Oskar knows the impact that a breast cancer diagnosis can have on a family – his nan and aunt are both survivors, his mum Trudie lost her life to the disease in 2017 just months before he fulfilled his dream of being drafted to the AFL. Oskar joined BCNA as an Ambassador in 2021.

Sophie Conway, AFLW Player

Sophie Conway is an Australian rules footballer playing for the Brisbane Lions in the AFL Women's competition. Sophie’s mum Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, when Sophie was just 13 years old, and dealt with both that and brain cancer until she passed away in 2017. Sophie is passionate about raising awareness for breast cancer and joined BCNA as an Ambassador in 2022.

Sophie Locke, AFLW Player

Sophie Locke is an Australian rules footballer playing for Hawthorn Football Club in the AFL Women's competition. She played her first game in 2022, two weeks after losing her mum to breast cancer following her diagnosis in 2013. Sophie joins BCNA as an Ambassador in 2023.